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Tilia Properties Limited

Originally built to house the harvests of the late 60’s, the store on the Rackheath Industrial Estate has been gradually expanded from its original 2,400 tonne storage capacity. The site consists of thirteen main storage silos, with three further holding bins, which range from 800 to 2,500 tonnes volume, and further expansion is planned for the future.

Operating continuous flow grain drier, a screening unit and a fully-equipped laboratory operating to TASCC (Trade Assurance Scheme for Combinable Crops) standards, the store provides an efficient and effective grain storage and testing service. With three intake silos, we are able to handle over 75 tonnes of intake an hour, so waiting times are kept to a minimum, even during peak periods.

Situated within a 15-minute drive from Norwich and offering easy access to the A11, A47, East Anglia and Norwich International Airport, Tilia's Weighbridge and Grain Store are open 7.00am to 4.00pm Monday to Friday during the peak season. However, for extra convenience of use by farmers and hauliers alike, we will soon be able to arrange for grain tipping outside of these times on request (not currently available).

If you would like further details about our Grain Testing or other site facilities,

Call us on: 01603 722892 or e-mail head office at: tiliagrain@tiliaproperties.co.uk

Conduct all required Grain Tests on your arrival at our Trading Standards calibrated weighbridge

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Tilia Grain Store

Offering 25,000 tonne capacity of managed, ventilated storage for malted barley varieties, the Tilia Grain Store provides a first-class service to clients.

Care of Stored Products

From the time your grain arrives at Tilia Grain Store, our care and expertise is assured. Staff from our certified laboratories obtain samples and conduct all required tests on the grain on its arrival at our Trading Standards calibrated weighbridge.

The resulting records allow us to trace and process all products efficiently through our store, whilst ensuring optimum quality is maintained. Further sampling is carried out during loading, testing moisture, nitrogen content and admix, germinative capacity and conducting appropriate screening.

All stored products are thoroughly ventilated to ensure that they remain cool and dry, minimising the risk of pest infestation. Weekly monitoring of temperature and moisture levels and pest inspection further enables us to maintain the quality of your product.

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